Which One Will You Go For 10 BTC or 5.0 CGPA; And Why

Millions of people believe education is the key to success, especially in Nigeria, even though millions of Nigerian graduates are jobless and poor.


Most Nigerian youths are looking for another way to be rich and be successful without education even though society believes education is the key to success in life.


Graduating with a 5.0 CGPA is a great achievement in your career as a Nigerian. You can easily get a job in Nigeria both local and multinational companies because it is not common to graduate with a 5.0 CGPA in any Nigerian university at the moment of writing this article.


On the other hand, 10 Bitcoin (BTC) currently worth 234,394,242.00 Nigerian Naira. Bitcoin will continue to increase in value as it is traded every day and used as means of exchange around the world.


Having almost 250 million naira in your cryptocurrency wallet is a huge achievement because there is no nine to five job that can give you 100 million Naira in Nigeria even in 5 years to come.


Millions of employee in Nigerians are not a millionaire they are living from paycheck-to-paycheck. But 10 BTC will make you a millionaire immediately and can make you a billionaire in the future.


Now it’s up to you which one will you choose and the reason behind your decision



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Busayo is a thinker, an experienced and highly qualified writer that focus on Tech and Lifestyle. Music blogger at Lite9ja.com.ng

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