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A single mother who used to live below the poverty line has now completely changed her life with OnlyF. Rebecca Goodwin, 28, barely supports her two daughters, 4 and 11, for more than a month on grocery vouchers.

The mother-of-two was unable to pay her gas and electricity bills, subsisted on tinned soup and rice, struggled even to buy formula for her youngest, an infant at the time, and faced negotiations with social services to intervene. Out of desperation to care for children,

Rebecca contacted OnlyF and admitted it was a “huge risk,” but it paid off. In the first ten days, she made £1,600 selling her “pornography” on an adult subscription service. The single mum, who now earns £100,000 a month in her regular job, has since bought a four-bedroom house worth £230,000 and a Porsche worth £45,000.

Rebecca, from Mansfield, Derbyshire, said: “I’m a single mum and can’t work because I have a baby and can’t afford to look after her. I can’t even afford formula for my baby.

“My two daughters and I lived on six bags of food for over a month. We lived off soup cans and lots of Uncle Ben. I was always looking for things to do at home. I felt so bad for what I couldn’t offer them. Very guilty.

“Out of desperation, I started OnlyF and made £1600 in the first ten days. It’s crazy. I never made that much money a month ago. Now I can buy a four-bedroom house and a Porsche car.

“My older daughter knows what I’m doing and it doesn’t bother her at all.” Rebecca launched her “fans only” page in April 2019 and has been amazed at how quickly she’s grown.

“I know OnlyF is a huge risk, but I’m desperate. I’ve asked for my third meal voucher and they’ve talked about involving social services because I’m struggling,” she said.

“I knew I had to give Only F a chance.”

Rebecca now regularly sells “saucy snaps” on the site, earning between £60,000 and £100,000 monthly. “I’ve tested whether people buy content on Snapchat, and I’m still shocked,” she said.

“Then I started earning £10,000 a month, and now I’m earning £60-100,000 a month. I can’t apply for a mortgage because I have an insecure job and bad credit.

“Just before I started Only F, I was £15,000 in debt and got debt relief. I saved for six months and bought a four bedroom house straight away.”

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