Updated Top 10 Best Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


According To Popular Demand We Have Listed Money Making Ideas In Nigeria that will help everyone. As long am concerned everyone wants to have money and be successful in life.


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So All Of Us At Litenaija Media has taken it a mandatory to write down 10 Best Money Making Ideas In Nigeria to help fight poverty in this year 2021.


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Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


I Know you want to make money, me to self wants to make money this year 2021, now ask yourself how can you make money in this poor state of Nigeria economy. I know you find it difficult that’s why we are here to disclose Money Making Ideas In Nigeria that will help you and your family.

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We present to you Money Making Ideas In Nigeria, we promise to stay honest to our steps and come back to give us your testimony because that’s what we need from you now.


So let’s start the class


Top 10 Best Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


Below are list of money making ideas in Nigeria that will make you a millionaire, with reading this you can start thinking of money making ideas.


1. Start Up A Private Lesson – Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


As far am concerned this is one of the best money making ideas in Nigeria because along as JAMB, WAEC, NECO And GCE Is concerned people are busy finding for someone that can teach them so the can pass the exam.

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If you are good in subject like English, Maths then you can take the business very quick by meeting parents in your area, churches to know if they require a lesson teacher to teach their children.


2. Start Up Driving Business – Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


If you are the type that drives well and own a car then you can drive passengers to their various destination or meet an agreement with a driver to hire purchase and at the end you receive weekly allowance. Money Making Ideas In Nigeria.

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In the modern days now you can own a car and turn it to a business by registering your car with Uber, Bolt or any other Driving Business and earn money for yourself.


3. Blogging


Money Making Ideas In Nigeria


Blogging is infact one of the best business idea in Nigeria and All Over the World, with blogging you can become your own boss, with blogging you can be well known in the society.


According to research Nigeria is one of the well know users in Africa when it comes to Internet or social media, so with this you can start up your blog and make good sells.


4. Fashion Designing and Tailoring



According to my research 30% Of Nigerians learn to do Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Make-up, stage manager, etc.

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There are lot of work under this section that you can work on and earn your money. So it is a great business to do because it is fun and helps the mind.


5. Graphic Designer – Money Making Ideas In Nigeria



As a student this one pays well, you can start today by helping people design graphics and earn you money. My Research tells me the lowest a Graphic Designer in Nigeria can take for a graphic is 3k.

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As a Matter Of fact this another awesome business for young guys to do, most teenager and youth of today are mostly seen doing this one.


6. Repairing Computers & Phones



This is a business you can learn and make cool cash for yourself, because everyday 40% Of People in Nigeria are repairing either their computers or phones so you can do it and get your money. Is a Very great business for everyone to do, it is mostly done by people that have knowledge about computer and phones.


7. Selling Second Hand Items



With this business, your chances of making huge amount of money is high because of Nigeria’s Love for cheap things.

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Second hand items likes Phones, cloths, shoes, etc can be sold to make profit. In this business you will need to create network of customers for you to stand well and make money.


8. Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin – Money Making Ideas In Nigeria



This type of business is very good for everyone because with this you can make huge amount of money by just investing and selling.

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75% Percent Of Nigerians Now Practice this type of business and it works for them while some doesn’t work for them,


it is a business not for all because of the numbers of fraudster and scammers out there. You can use An, As A Result,


As a Bitcoin invester you will be earning a huge amount of money because it is very good, As a result of this it makes someone look presentable to the society.


9. Cake and Cupcakes Bakery



Cake and Cupcakes Bakery is a business you can do everyday that will earn you some money because everyday people are celebrating something, either Birthday Party, Wedding, Child Birthday Ceremony. As A Result Of This It Makes It Good.

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Event Manager are even willing to give you huge amount for this.


10. Video Creator – Money Making Ideas In Nigeria



This is one of the famous business in Nigeria, with this business you can be well known and making good money for yourself.


Everyone today are posting video so they will need a good video Creator, Big Companies can call you and pay you huge amount for this, so don’t dull yourself and hustle. As a Matter of fact this business is a good one.


These are the One’s am able to write, if you have any other suggestions of money making ideas in Nigeria in 2021 that is not fraudulent or involve blood or killing you can forward them via mail: [email protected] and I will be loved to post your content here.

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