Is TikTok reputable?

There has been much discussion about how social media platforms and the music business interact and whether this is a positive relationship.

What songs are currently trending on TikTok?
This article will highlight which TikTok songs are popular and provide some background for the musicians, songs, and other stories around these viral hits. We’ll update it periodically to reflect the newest TikTok tracks.


You can use the information to decide exactly which TikTok tracks to use in your upcoming videos.

1. City Boy By Burna Boy 

Following the release of Burna Boy’s most recent album, I TOLD THEM, City Boy by Burna Boy has been trending on the site for more than two weeks.

People have been hoping for the challenge, which has been making waves on tiktok.

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City Boy 🤫 #burnaboy #cityboy #hiphop

♬ City Boy – Burna Boy

2.  Koloba Koloba By Adewale Ayuba 

The song has been trending on the platformand is well-liked by users for making transitional videos.

People have been hoping for the challenge, which has been making waves on tiktok.

View the video below.


We lit up d weekend 💃💃💃all about M&M22 💍#goviraltiktok #yoruba #ayubajup #ayuba #kolobakolobachallenge

♬ Koloba Koloba – Adewale Ayuba

3. “Locked Up” by Akon

Up next is a song by a popular rapper in the early 2000s. This song is about being locked up in jail and it is most likely trending this week due to the release of Donald Trump’s mug shot. Many users are using this sound with the effect ‘Face Fusion-Trumps Mugshot’

4. “It’s Getting Hot” by NLE Choppa

In 4th place, we have a newer song that has a remix of a very popular song, ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly which was released in 2002. This upbeat and catchy song is used in all kinds of content such as school education, gaming, and dancing.

5. “Looking For The Hoes (Ain’t My Fault)” by Sexyy Red

This song is being used in all kinds of content from Campus Life, Dancing, and selfies This sound is being prominently used by the Gen Z community as it is 83% of 18-24 year-olds.

6. “Always Forever (you and me always forever)” By Cults

Many users are creating carousel posts for this song. This is a newer type of content being created on TikTok using photo content rather than video. This song makes for the perfect relationship video.

7. “I walk this earth all by myself” by Ekkstacy

Up next, we have a song that gives off all the summer vibes. This sound is primarily used by the Gen Z community in content regarding transportation, hunting, fishing, and outdoorsy videos.

8. “It’s A Vibe” By 2 Chainz

In 8th place, we have a hit song by 2 Chainz. This sound is being used by all kinds of age groups in lots of different types of content. Most prominently we are seeing motivational, selfies, and other vibey content.


In 9th place this week we have a popular song that we have seen being used on TikTok for quite a while now. The hardcore sound a feeling this song gives off has been a great sound to choose for content like sports, motivation, etc.

10. “Anti-Hero” By Taylor Swift

In 10th place, yet another Taylor Swift song. The hype around this Eras Tour is immense and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Many people are using the portion of the song where she says “It’s me, Hi I’m the problem its me” to post about silly mistakes they have made.


These are the songs that have made it to the Top 10 on TikTok. Do you know any new songs that you think should appear on this list? If you want to know more about TikTok, check out this guide: