The news of Tirhani Mabasa’s passing came as a shock to his admirers. For more information about the SABC Weather Anchor, read this article all the way to the end.

A well-known performer and objective climate presenter for SABC TV News, Tirhani Mabasa. She also had a voiceover career and spent some time working in the entertainment industry.

Mabasa was a member of Team Humba and together with them, she released numerous hit songs with Vanghena Vahlengwe and Doom.

In addition to this, Tirhani worked as the communications manager at Humba Communications, where she was in charge of a number of up-and-coming Xitsonga musicians as well as artists like Soshangani and Mshengu.

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His name is currently trending online due to social media posts about his passing.

News of Tirhani Mabasa’s dying has gone viral

Trending online is information of Tirhani Mabasa’s passing. His passing was announced on a number of social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

People who knew Tirhani paid respect to her soul and posted numerous photos on social media. A Mystery Friend, a Facebook page, stated on their website:

“With the passing of Tirhani Mabasa at this very moment, the Tsonga tribe has sustained one more fatal blow. Tirhani Mabasa (51), a well-known artist from Xitsonga and a former SABC NEWS environment presenter, was reported dead later yesterday.

This amply demonstrated Mabasa’s demise. In addition to this, her followers and followers exchanged their own words of comfort for the deceased.

Is Tirhani Mabasa dead or alive?

Tirhani Mabasa circulated online, where there were rumors that she had passed away. Mabasa had been dead for 51 years at the time.

Mabasa just passed away, according to certain social media posts, however the cause of her passing has not yet been revealed. Twitter users also shared the information widely.

A video was sent on Twitter along with the statement, “Former Sabc 2 weather presenter Tirhani Mabasa has died following a brief illness.”

People speculated that Mabasa died after losing her battle with a disease as a result of this, although it is still unknown what she was going through.

Who was Tirhani Mabasa? Biography

Tirhani Mabasa was a successful professional who worked as a weather presenter for SABC TV. She was also a musician in addition to all that.

In 2016, she released her Ben10 album. Furthermore, Mabasa enjoyed the favor of a great many people and attracted a large audience with her excellent job.

Tirhani has also won prizes as a result of her fantastic tunes. In 2016, she was honored with the Best Xitsonga Album of the Year honor at the Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA).

Regarding her personal life, Mabasa was raised with her brother, three sisters, and parents. She was born to them. Mabasa’s father is said to have passed away when he was less than a year old.

The family also experienced another devastating moment in 2013 when they moved there. Tirhani was a single mother of one child other from that.