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Who Is Ruby Franke?

Meet Ruby Franke. Wife, mother, and the leading lady behind 8 Passengers– a highly successful YouTube channel. Hasn’t her name cropped up on your Reddit feed or had you hearing about her on other forums? Unravel the life, trials, and tribulations of this influential figure, right here.

Ruby Franke Biography: Age & Family

Ruby Franke Husband

Ruby Franke Kids


Ruby Franke Daughter

Ruby Franke Children

Born in 1982, Ruby Franke, now 38, hails from a big family with five siblings. Known as a dedicated and doting mother, her husband Kevin and their six kids are the center of her universe. Got a minute to know more about her family and her trials as a mother?

In her YouTube videos, she often shares her nuanced parenting experiences. Her raw and honest approach is probably what reels in millions of subscribers! Who is this all about again? It’s none other than Ruby Franke.

Ruby Franke 8 Passengers

Stepping into the YouTube world in 2015, Ruby Franke’s channel ‘8 Passengers’ began gaining raving popularity. Today, it boasts a whopping 2.4 million subscribers! Why is she so popular? It’s simple – folks are intrigued by her real-time household adventure.

The channel features everything from mundane school runs to holiday vlogs and personal growth stories. Imagine peeking into another family’s life, would that pique your curiosity

Ruby Franke Court

Ruby Franke Hearing

Ruby Franke Story

Despite being a popular figure, Ruby Franke recently faced music in the court. Why? Well, her style of parenting was under fire. After a controversial video involving her youngest kids led to public uproar, there were even rumors of an arrest.

However, she cleared the air explaining the situation and apologizing for the upset caused, she was let off the hook. The question is, can she overcome this scandal and continue with her YouTube journey?

Ruby Franke Arrest : True or False?

Ruby Franke Jail

Did Ruby Franke go to jail? No. While her parenting decisions faced severe backlash, it didn’t result in her arrest. And to her fans sigh of relief, Ruby Franke continues her YouTube journey, enthusiastically sharing her family-filled life with her million-strong audience.


Ruby Franke YouTube

Ruby Franke Reddit

From donning the mantle of a mother, wife to becoming a YouTube sensation, Ruby Franke’s biography is peculiarly remarkable. She’s faced love, appreciation, and criticism- and emerged resilient at each juncture, inspiring many.

Be it her court controversies or her Youtube hit, the story and spirit of Ruby Franke are sure to live on and be a talking point for many more years.
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