WOW!!! Parents Stunned As Their 8 Weeks Old Baby Stands On Her Own (Photos)


Parents Stunned As Their 8 Weeks Old Baby Stands On Her Own (Photos)

Tezra Finn-Johnston said his baby daughter learned to stand at just eight-weeks-old after watching strongman clips on YouTube.

Lula was able to stand unattended at just eight weeks old, according to dad Tezra.

Tezra Finn-Johnston, 31, and girlfriend Emily Derrick, 23, first noticed their daughter’s strength when they left hospital. They said at that early stage she was able to support her own head.

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She was born on January 31 and weighed just 5lbs 9oz and was on the 5th percentile – weighing less than five per cent of other babies her age.

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Now 15-weeks-old, Lula is able to stand unassisted, supporting her own weight. Tezra and Lula have been watching strongman clips on Youtube and think she might have been inspired.

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