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PA Akintola Williams: Biography, Age, and Wiki

Becoming an icon in any field requires a blend of hard work, dedication, and competence. Such is the case with PA Akintola Williams whose many accomplishments have positioned him as a revered figure in Nigeria’s socio-economic history. Born on August 9, 1919, Akintola had before him an exciting life full of remarkable strides.

Early Life and Nationality

Akintola Williams, whose full name is Chief Akintola Williams, was born to a family of career-oriented individuals in Lagos, Nigeria. This early exposure played a major role in shaping his life’s direction and his aspirations. As a native of Nigeria, he held his nationality close to his heart, fuelling his desire to improve the national economic landscape.


Want to know about PA Akintola Williams’ educational journey?

Well, he was educated at the celebrated Methodist Boys High School in Lagos and later perfected his studies in the United Kingdom at the University of London and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. His academic prowess gave him an edge in the world of commerce, law, and finance.

Family and Wife

Akintola had a fulfilling family life, he was married to his beloved wife Efuntiloye Masha, and together, they had a beautiful daughter named Seni Williams. His family served as his enduring support system throughout his struggle and successes.


Ask anyone familiar with Nigeria’s financial scene about PA Akintola Williams, and they will tell you about his illustrious career. He stands as the first African to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and co-founder of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. His broader work in promoting sound financial management and transparency earned him extensive respect both nationally and internationally.

Cause of Death

PA Akintola Williams lived a long, fulfilling life. He passed away peacefully on November 27, 2021, leaving behind a legacy of success and an ever-anchoring commitment to uplifting his nation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When was PA Akintola Williams born?

PA Akintola Williams was born on August 9, 1919.

Where did Williams make his significant contributions?

Williams made his significant contributions in Nigeria where he established the first indigenous chartered accounting firm and promoted financial transparency.

Who was Williams’ wife?

PA Akintola Williams was married to Efuntiloye Masha.

Which university did Williams attend?

PA Akintola Williams attended the University of London and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Above complex facts, lies a simple story of a man named PA Akintola Williams who through his relentless dedication uplifted not only himself but also his nation. His life stands testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and the pursuit of knowledge.

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