Naira Marley Songs Bad or Good Influence On Youth?

Naira Marley Songs Bad or Good Influence On Youth?
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Naira Marley Songs Bad or Good Influence On Youth?


A lot of people, especially journalists and other concerned Nigerians, have been asking if Naira Marley’s songs are a bad or good influence on the Nigerian youth. 


If you want to know the simple answer to this question, then you need to read this informative article to the end because I will explain all the necessary details that you need to know about Naira Marley and his Music’s influence on Nigerian youth. 


Who is Naira Marley


Azeez Adeshina Fashola is popularly known as Naira Marley, a Nigerian singer, and songwriter. 

He was born on 10 May 1991 (age 31 years old) in Badagry, a suburb of Lagos State, where he was raised with his siblings. Naira Marley is the first child of his parents. He was born into a Muslim home so he started learning the Qu’ran from an early age, and before he entered teenagehood, Naira Marley had completed reading the holy book and could recite passages in the book offhand.

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Naira Marley spent his early years living outside the country. When he was eleven, he and his family migrated to the United Kingdom, where he continued his studies. Naira Marley resided in Peckham, South London, England.


Naira Marley spent his teenage years and early twenties living in the country before relocating back to Nigeria so that he will be able to pursue his music career.


Even though Naira Marley grew up listening to Latest Naija Music and he began to lead Afrobeats acts at the time, he didn’t start music until his twenties. Naira Marley planned on pursuing a career as an MC and voice-over artist.


Immediately, after he discovered his passion for music and received reassuring words from his friends, he decided to pursue a career in the field. So, Naira Marley started to make music in 2014.


Now you know who Naira Marley is and how he started his music career. So let’s go straight to the type of music they listen to around the world, especially for the Nigerian youth. 


Which type of music did Naira Marley sing?


Although Naira Marley didn’t come with a different style or sound of music, he sings regular afrobeat and rap music. What is special about his music is that he uses several Vogel lyrics and promotes bad influence, especially in his music video. 


Naira Marley’s Discography


  • IssaGoal
  • Am I A Yahoo Boy (feat. Zlatan)
  • Soapy
  • Mafo (feat. Young John)
  • Opotoyi
  • Tesumole
  • Bad Influence
  • Japa (e.t.c)
  • Lord Of Lamba (LOL)
  • Kojosese
  • Koleyewon
  • Mafo
  • Tingasa
  • Soapy
  • Gotta Dance
  • Aye
  • Dido Lobo
  • Mofoti
  • Anywhere
  • As E Dey Go,
  • Chichi
  • Idi Oremi (Opotoyi 2).


Naira Marley’s sound influence is it Bad or Good for Nigerian youth?


Yes, Naira Marley has successfully created an army of youths that are known as Marlians! His music and dance steps are inspiring a new generation of morally deficit youths, and the youths will be in his grip for a long time unless something serious is done. Naira Marley’s popular dance step which he called ‘soapy’. Naira Marley popularized the habit of masturbation in his off-and-on life inside prison and another dance step that is known as ‘Tesumole’, Naira Marley has been a source of controversy and confusion on social media and the Nigerian entertainment industry.


One popular Nigerian pastor named Chris Omashola claimed that he received a revelation from God that Naira Marley is a demon from hell to wreck the future of Nigerian youths. He took to his Twitter page on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, where Pastor Chris Omashola shared a series of prophecies about Nigeria. He warned that Naira Marley’s music is demonically inspired to destroy the youths in Nigeria. “In 2020, God told me, Naira Marley is A Demon, He is Satanic and should repent before it’s too late. His songs are demonically inspired to destroy the Destiny of The Youths of this generation, Nigerian youths should desist from calling themselves Marlians.” he tweeted.


One Nigerian mother cried out on social media after her secondary school daughter was suspended from school. The woman said that her daughter was suspended because she was part of the Marlian cult.  According to her, the school management caught about 25 girls who were members of the cult and her daughter was among them. Likewise, one teacher found underwear in one of the girls’ bags and when she was questioned, she said that she is among the cult. The girl said her cult members had days when they did not wear underwear to school. From a thorough investigation, it was ascertained that the girls don’t wear pants.


Students and other Nigerian youth who called themselves Marlian boys don’t wear belts. Although there is cultism in Nigerian secondary schools and tertiary institutions, the effect of Naira Marley has increased the population over the years.


In Conclusion


Now you know the impact of Naira Marley song on Nigerian youth although there is a cultism terrorist and other bad influences in the country his music has increased the population of bad influences since he came to the limelight in 2019 till the moment of writing this article.


As one of the Nigerian youth, you need to know that Naira Marley has nothing meaningful to offer you. Naira Marley’s lyrics style of music has done more damage than intervention to youth empowerment in Nigeria. So make sure you don’t get your influence from his music lyrics or his music album.


Naira Marley promotes internet fraud which is popularly known as Yahoo, his music increases the number of internet fraudsters among the Nigerian youth since he came into the limelight.


Several sources proved that Naira Marley is involved in internet fraud although he still has a case with the EFCC.  


Now you know that Naira Marley’s music is a bad influence to the youth, so you need to avoid listening to his music or doing whatever he says in his music if you want to overcome the temptation that comes with his music lyrics or music video. 


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