Mother Bird Viral Video Trends On Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit

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Mother Bird Viral
Mother Bird Viral Video Trends On Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit

Mother Bird Viral Video Trends On Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit

Mother Bird saw what her child had done and tried to save her child. Watch the viral video of a mother bird chirping loudly to prevent an excavator from destroying her nest.

The bird’s mother, trying to save her child, sees what the small bird performed in the viral video… In a viral video, a mother bird can be heard chirping to stop an excavator from destroying her nest.

When saving their children, mothers will do anything to make things better for their offspring. A video of a mother bird defending her nest and eggs against an excavator went popular on Twitter (a machine that uses soil or garbage to pick up a place or help with excavation work). Abneesh Sharan, an IAS official, posted the video on Twitter. When the excavator approached, the mother bird began to scream. The primary purpose is to decipher his message and halt the machine.

To prevent the bird’s nest from being demolished in seconds. Broken eggs are expected. The mother bird had just placed that egg. He can’t get rid of the kids. Thus, the bird’s cry to save the youngsters has been heard.

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Mother Bird Viral Video


On April 11, an IAS officer posted the video on Twitter. This video has been seen more than 61,000 times. The excavator was eventually removed from the scene after the driver heard a bird’s call. Both the bird’s egg and its nest were saved on this journey. In the popular video, it can be seen that the bird first laid eggs in its own home. A distance distant was the excavator machine. However, the engine moved closer to the bird’s nest over time. When the bird realized what was going on, it began to screech. Although the mother bird was a small, quiet bird, it did not give up. Mother, even if it’s a thousand. Because of this, she did her utmost to save the child. It was essential for the excavator to show the driving car’s driver that there were bird’s eggs under it by calling out loudly.

All the internet users lauded the mother of the bird. Incredibly, the bird’s mother has used her brains to preserve the life of her newborn kid. On the other hand, social media users have slammed the excavator driver. Many people believe he did it on purpose to frighten the bird. This is because the video showed the driver putting pressure on a section of the machine that breaks stuff. Then the bird started to call again, but it quickly backed away. He was once again putting up the effort. However, there was no risk on this journey, which is good to know.

Watch Mother Bird Leaked Twitter Tape Video Below:-

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