Are you not in the mood because it rained on your wedding day, or are you feeling stressed when there are no friends around? Do you need a pick-me-up?

With all the anxiety and stress people face daily, one of the things humans should prioritize regularly is happiness.

Some songs are sure to brighten your day. Even if you are already feeling good, you’ll enjoy them. Turn on your favorite pump-up track and crank up the volume to start the party, even if it’s just for one.

What Are the Top Ten Most Popular Songs Right Now?

Serpentina, Banks

Serpentina Banks is still leveling up in some ways. Her previous best new music explored feelings of sadness, the bitterness of being broken, and forgiveness. Serpentina, on the other hand, has a different tone, one in which the artist is going to shed the past and people’s opinions, instead emerging born anew and stronger than ever. You can find this video on Spotify using a chrome extension for better enjoyment if you are with friends.

Humble Quest, Maren Morris

What do you do once you’ve climbed the mountain? Of course, you’ll fall back down. Maren Morris is a country’s best new music king these days, headlining fairs and festivals, performing in supergroups, and snagging Late Night couch time. That’s gotten to her head, but it’s not her ego, as evidenced by her excellent new best new music. Humble Quest is the soundtrack to one woman’s journey through doubt, grief, and distress in search of worth and happiness.

Shakira’s “Don’t Wait Up”

“Don’t Wait Up” is Shakira’s first all-English single in five years. If this banger doesn’t get you excited for her upcoming 12th album, you should probably listen to it again. If you want to access this music, do not forget to use the free VPN Chrome software because your streamlining will be much better as compared to other vpns.

Adele’s “Easy On Me”

Adele ultimately blessed our ears with “Easy on Me,” the first song from her upcoming new album of 2022, and it’s devastating in the best way possible. Look at how the internet reacted to it. This song is maybe available by using the VPN extension without any ads.

Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits”

“Bad Habits,” the lead single from Ed Sheeran’s upcoming fifth studio album, promises people many good things. It’s a total banger, and the creepy video for the song is genuinely terrifying.

Spirituals, Santigold

Santigold, the late-aughts pop experimentalist who broke genre barriers, will release her first free trial album in six years. The theme is a nod to Negro spirituals, to whom she was drawn for their “transcendental freedom.” These ideas are expressed in the punky single “High Priestess,” in which Santigold appreciates herself as a powerful queen, as well as the outré R&B song “Shake,” which is about using movement as a form of resilience.

FTC’s Frank Turner

Turner is a live performer who would also make you want to leave your job to repeat him all around the planet, an artist who’s always in the spotlight. If you are a crazy fan of this guy, you should check out his newly released albums using VPN extensions that are free of cost.

Painless Nilüfer Yanya

Listening to her layered breathy vocals, guitar textures ,rhythmic structures and intricate melodic it may seem surprising that Nilüfer Yanya, 26, was once selected to be in a pop stars group for a free trial organized by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. She declined the opportunity. Since then, Yanya has released the best new music from the mainstream machine’s clinical, mass-produced output.

Hold the Girl, Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama appeared as a fully formed star on her self-titled debut in 2022, leading to a friendship with Elton John, an expression on the runway in Balmain, and a role in the upcoming John Wick film. Rina sophomore best new music, Hold the Girl, will be a mix of introspection and joy, with lyrics about nurturing her “inner child”, a trendy therapy term for healing early-life trauma.

Earthling, Eddie Vedder

It is the long-awaited solo best new music from Eddie Vedder. Earthling is a big, sweeping mainstream rock best new music about life, loss, grief, and aging, and it’s a lot of fun. Eddie seems to be having fun here as if he’s settled into his place in the modern era of classic rock, as if he’ll take a swing at a couple of songs that might be available using VeePN for Chrome and have ended up on a Tom Petty album and make them work.

What Song Is Currently the Most Popular In 2022?

I’m good (Blue), Bebe Rexha and David Guetta

David Guetta and Bebe Rexha collaborated on their new single “I’m Good (Blue) best new music video.” Bebe’s Rexha soulful vocals are combined with the euphoric piano chords and infectious dancefloor energy on “I’m Good (Blue).” The sound is already a smash on Tiktok, with over 130,000 total creations and over 500 million views. Rexha and Guetta began working on this song five years ago, and it is finally ready for an official release after generating significant online buzz. There’s a reason why David Guetta is widely regarded as the complete artist in dance music today, releasing cutting-edge track after cutting-edge track.


If there’s one thing we can always count on in life, it’s new music. Even during a global pandemic, our favorite musical artists have continued to deliver songs, and while 2021 had some significant hits, people may have surpassed it by 2021. According to Harvard Medical School research, music can have various positive effects on the health and brain, from keeping the people relaxed throughout medical procedures to boost exercise endurance. In short, An upbeat and happy song can lift your spirits and bring happiness into your day if you’re feeling down.