Lara Nesteruk leaked video on Twitter and Reddit, whats happened

Nutritionist Lara Nesteruk will release a video this Wednesday (1) at 1 pm about a post she made in March in which she objected to hiring women trying to conceive. The post will be published following an agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Public Affairs, as clarified by the influencer – Lara has 863,000 followers on Instagram.

In a story published in March, the nutritionist asked for her advice on protecting breastfeeding as a businesswoman. She replied: “What I’m about to say is cruel, but it’s the truth. It’s not my problem. It’s not me, the contractor, who has to think about who gets pregnant and who has a baby.”

“I avoid hiring women. Because? She can get pregnant, and if she does, I put it on c*, because I’m going to have to keep paying her and hire another guy,” she said. “Wake up. The real world belongs to everyone,” she added.

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Lara’s remarks contradict Section 373 of the CLT (Consolidated Labor Code), which prohibits, among other things, “refusal of employment, promotion or incentive to dismiss because of sex, age, colour, family status or pregnancy status.”

The law guarantees stability for pregnant women and the right to 120 days of maternity leave without affecting employment and wages. However, it is worth mentioning that although the maternity wages of employed pregnant women are paid directly by the enterprise, they are reimbursed by the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

According to what Lara posted on her Instagram this Wednesday, an agreement was reached with São Paulo’s Ministry of Public Labor that she will publish the retracted video and, if she does not publish it, will be fined 50,000 reais.

“I spoke about the fact that I was upset during my presentation. Well-wishers took this statement to the MPT and they launched an investigation. Here I’ve decided to go the easiest way: I apologize for every problem they see It’s all over. There is no cost to retracting myself,” she posted.

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