Lady Who Was Stripped Unclad And Tortured Over Missing Phone, Narrates Her Ordeal

More details have emerged about the lady who was stripped of Unclad and tortured in Benin City, Edo State, by missing phone. During the brutal ordeal, the 24-year- old identified as Favor Ada, a commercial sex worker, inserted pepper into her private part. The Edo Police command paraded the suspects responsible for the act and arrested three, including one Lucky Igbinovia (One- Man- Squad), one of them in custody. Former assistant to Mr Adams Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the Congress of All Progressives on Community Security. The lady who comes from Rivers State, narrating her ordeals in the hands of the suspects at the state police headquarters in Benin, told reporters that her worst moment was when they inserted pepper into her private parts, stripped Unclad and videotaped her. She said she was taken to a native doctor who mysteriously implanted bullets into her stomach and later threatened her with a live snake, adding that she admitted to the crime and then removed the bullets from her stomach in order not to die. She said when she saw she was released from the native doctor’s hands, she told her accusers she didn’t steal her phone and she was only admitted for fear to the crime. When she kept her innocence, she said that they stripped her Unclad, inserted pepper into her private parts and beat her up. Joel Igbinovia (owner of the missing iPhone Xs- Max) said the victim and her friend were invited to entertain his friends at a hotel in Ugbiyoko, a suburb of Benin city. “the girl’s been She’s a prostitute. My younger cousin called her and came to the hotel with another girl. I got up to pay my hotel bill on POS, but when I got back to my seat, my phone wasn’t where I put it, and the girls were away. I asked why the girls said the money we offered was too small and I was told. “everywhere we searched, but we couldn’t find the phone. Then we went to another hotel.

The girls went there and we met them. I then asked the girl (Ada) to return the phone to me because she couldn’t use it, but she refused. It was then decided that the following day we would invite a voodoo man to solve the problem, “he said.

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