Jessica Jackrabbit glasgow leaked on reddit and twitter, videos of onlyf

Here again, we see high schoolers snooping around and laughing at their teachers as they make some money by spending content on OnlyF. Scottish high school physics teacher Kirsty Buchan, 33, quit her job this week and decided to become a pro at OnlyF content production to raise money for her ailing son and pay Christmas bills.

In an interview with Glasgow Live, Buchan explained that Bannerman High School did not pay her wages because she stayed home to care for her sick son. “Good teacher gone bad…really bad,” wrote the mom on her OF bio, saying she gained 47 subscribers in three days for $9.99. “Some people say I must be crazy, from physics teacher to selling nude photos online. But I know very well that I’ve been in this job for six years with all the stress I’ve had daily, “Jessica Buchan of Jackrabbit 69 told the news outlet.

“I was staying up until 1am doing unpaid extra work and the stress was unbelievable. I was in tears over my situation and didn’t know which direction to go. I read on other teachers’ websites, Other teachers were making £50,000 a month and I had a sick child at home and needed a mum who could earn money.” She was fired, but she quit first.

“Some say it’s my body and I can choose what to do with it. That’s the bottom line. I’m not ashamed of my body and discussed it with my boyfriend before deciding to open an OnlyF account,” she said.

Glasgow City Council spokeswoman does not deny the sacking of Jessica Jackrabbit.

Jackrabbit tells the Scottish Sun that school is dangerous and life would be much easier if she took her clothes off on social media.

“I was fighting in class and teachers on other floors heard my screams and ran to help,” she said.

“I had to stop fights in the street and was almost hit by a bus. Teachers were told to improve their teaching methods and sent home for refusing to teach.”

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