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Jane Slagsvol Biography

Jimmy Buffett Wife Biography

Want to know about the lady who captures Jimmy Buffett’s heart? This is your go-to comprehensive Jane Slagsvol Biography! Jane is the charming wife of the world-famous musician, Jimmy Buffett. But, do not mistake her as simply being a famous man’s partner. She is a woman of substance with a life worth exploring.

What’s Jane’s Real Age?

Age is just a number and Jane perfectly explains it. Though her exact birthdate remains a mystery, she celebrates her birthday on 15th March every year. Guessing from her youthful aura, she seems to be in her 60s, the same age bracket as her husband Jimmy.

The Complete Wiki from her Early Life

Jane Slagsvol has been a private personality since her early life. Born and brought up in Charleston, South Carolina, she carries the grace of southern tradition in her personality. The details about her parents, her childhood or her early education remain undisclosed.

The Charleston-born Lady’s Nationality

As previously mentioned, Jane was born in Charleston, South Carolina, this makes her a U.S. citizen by birth. Her nationality and ethnicity are American..

Marriage with Jimmy Buffett – A Caribbean Love Story

But, who is Jane Slagsvol without the beautiful love story with Jimmy Buffett? The couple met while Jane was on a vacation in Key West, Florida, and the hit off instantly. Despite their on-and-off relationship in the beginning due to Jimmy’s touring schedule, they finally got married in 1977. And their love story continues!

The Proud Parents of Three Children

Holding on to their love, the couple has been blessed with three children – Savannah Jane, Sarah Delaney, and Cameron Marley. They have ensured a normal upbringing to their children far away from the limelight.

Let’s Meet the “Buffett” Family!

Jane’s family completes the beautiful picture of her life. From being a loving wife to being a caring mother, she has successfully managed her family life without letting the glare of Jimmy’s stardom affect them.

Career: Philanthropist in Action!

Though not much is known about her professional career, Jane Slagsvol is noted for her philanthropy works. She, along with her husband, is involved in several charity works which mirror her generous personality.


One of the frequently asked questions about Jane is regarding Jimmy’s song, ‘Desperation Samba’. So, let’s spill the beans! Yes, the song is indeed associated with Jane. Buffett has always confessed how Jane has been his muse for many of his songs and ‘Desperation Samba’ is one of them.


In essence, Jane Slagsvol is more than just Jimmy Buffett’s wife. With her philanthropic activities, her dedication towards her family and her graceful personality, she truly is a woman worth knowing.

So, how about tracing Jane Slagsvol’s journey from Charleston to being Jimmy Buffett’s wife? Your exploration of Jane Slagsvol biography, her real age, early life, nationality, children, family, and career ends here.

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