‘If I was living in the US or UK, I would ‘ve turned dog’ Bobrisky

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Controversial Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye popularly called Bobrisky has revealed he is a very loosed person and always scared of being exposed.



In a post shared on Snapchat, Bobrisky said dating people in Nigeria is scary, and he doesn’t date anyhow because of the fear of being blackmailed and his secrets getting exposed.

Bobrisky said if he were living in the US or UK, he would have turned to a dog as he quickly fell in love with cute boys and had sex with them.

Bobrisky added that he does not care if a person is rich because he has his own money but only after cute boys.

He wrote: Dating people in Nigeria is scaring, As for me I can’t date anyhow people o! I fear a lot of things as a celebrity, blackmail, threaten etc omo I dey always fear. make person no go cast me.

If I was living in US or UK haaaa I go turn dog. any fine boy that approach me na fuck straight o!Cos I too loose when I see fine boys, I on’t care about ur money thou cos I’m rich just be fine.


recalls Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to list all his achievements and dares his critics to do the same if it is easy.

Bobrisky bragged about collecting the female gender from the actual owner and owning three amazing cars, including Range Rover, gle 43 Benz, and cla sport.

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According to Bobrsky, he bought his first house three years ago, in Lekki Lagos, he is the most talked about in Africa and dates billionaires.

Bobrisky added that many women are constantly threatened by his look, however, if people feel if photo filters make him look cute, people should use their own filter too.

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