‘I don’t want second chance with BBNaija’ – Praise Nelson, BBNaija star spills

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Many ex- housemates who participated of BBNaija would jump on the offer if given another opportunity, however the reality TV star, Praise Nelson who participated in Big Brother Naija in 2020 revealed that he won’t jump on such opportunity.


“I won’t take it, I feel like I have made my mark, I had my turn and its time for other people to actually have their own turn. So no, I wouldn’t want to”, he said in a recent interview.

The youngster was also oblivious of the fact that Big Brother Naija was going to change his life.

The handsome entertainer revealed further, “Life after BBNaija is a 360 degrees change from what one’s life used to be before. But so far so good, its good. Its a good feeling”.

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Asked if his talent gained more exposure after BBN, the single father of one said:”Not necessarily my dance talent, but my personality pretty much. Because asides from being a dancer, I am also a content creator and aspiring actor. Big Brother Naija pretty much propelled that. I would say BBNaija has a huge role to play in what I am today”

Speaking further, Praise noted that he has plans to venture into acting but haven’t really considered it.


“I haven’t really gone into it, but it is something I am really considering. You don’t just jump into anything, you need to make up your mind and really know if its something you really want to do for the long term. Its something that I know I am going to do but I just haven’t”.

Praise also averred that he has a good rapport with other ex- housemates of the lockdown edition of BBNaija.

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“Cool, we are all friends, we talk . Everybody is pretty much busy, but then we all still create time to meet with each other”.
Being in the limelight comes with it’s own fair share of negative comments. Praise stated that he doesn’t pay attention to trolls and negative remarks.

“I focus on the positivity. If you have ten percent of negative and ninety percent of positive, you focus on the positive”.

Shedding light on his plans for the rest of the year, he said: “I will keep working and keep putting myself out there. I am also working on some of my own projects which when its time, everyone will know about”.


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