3 Health Tips On Losing Weight

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Health Tips On Losing Weight


3 Health Tips



Health Tips On Losing Weight and Tips On How To Reduce Weight As Quick As Possible


Good Day Everyone, have you been looking for ways to reduce your weight as quick as possible then you are in the right place, Litenaija has got you covered in all.

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We have seen that most people don’t like the way their body is or their spouses don’t like their body shape, So All Of Us at Litenaija made it a mandatory to write a content on Health Tips, without wasting much time let’s move straight to what we have Today. Health Tips On Losing Weight.



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We Will Be Talking On Three Things Today And They Are:


1. What To Eat To Lose Weight


2. What Exercise To Do To Lose Weight


3. Reasons For Making People Lose Weight



Things To Eat To Loose Weight – Health Tips On Losing Weight


1. Eggs



Eggs is a popular protein food people eat as breakfast or lunch, it’s one of the food that people eat to loose weight, Health Tips On Losing Weight.

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People that had eaten the food also reported feeling less hungry and so satisfied after 3 hours of breakfast than those who ate the bagel.

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2. Beans

3 Health Tips - Beans


Beans Is a popular protein food people eat, beans are high in fibre and very slow to digest, as a result of that it makes you feel full longer which may stop you from eating more. Health Tips On Losing Weight.


3. Nuts

3 Health Tips - Nut


Nuts is a great snacks you can take on the run, for a great snacks on the run, take a small peanuts, almonds, walnuts, or pecans.

Researchers made us understand that people that eat nuts autonomically eats less in later meal, As Result Of That nut helps do great things in the body.

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Let’s not beat around the bush, the rest of the food that can be taken to reduce your weight are:-


• Pureed Vegetables

• Apples

• Grapefruit

• Yogurt (etc.



 Exercise To Do To Reduce Weight


1. Jogging Or Running



Jogging and running are great exercise for reducing weight.


Researchers has made us know that jogging and running helps burn harmful visceral fat, popularly known as belly fat. This type of fat is around your internal organs and therefore it has been linked to numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Health Tips On Losing Weight.


Jogging and Running are both great exercise that you can do anywhere and can easily be scheduled into your weekly routine. To start with, aim to jog for 20–30 minutes 3–4 times per week, as a result of that it helps burn the fat in the body.


If you are the type that finds jogging and running on outdoors hard then don’t worry, all you have to do, try running on softer surface like grass. Health Tips On Losing Weight.




Walking is one of the best exercise someone can do because it is what we do in our day to day activities, it’s very convenient for beginners to start with without feeling overwhelmed or needing to buy to equipment.


It’s very easy to schedule walking in your daily routine, to add more steps to your day, just try and walk during your lunch break, trek to your location if it is not too far, use the staircase Instead of using lifter.





Swimming is a fun way of losing your weight,


Researchers made us understand that people swim to catch fun, the thing people don’t understand is that swimming part of the things that helps burn fat away from our body. Health Tips On Losing Weight.


Another advantage of swimming is its low-impact nature, meaning that it’s easier on your joints. This makes it a very nice option for people who have injuries or joint pain.


4. YOGA:


Yoga is a popular and nice way to exercise and relieve stress.


Although It is not a common way of losing weight because it burns a fair amount of calories in the body


Additionally, the yoga helps in the improvements of your mental and physical well-being. Health Tips On Losing Weight.


Apart from burning calories, research have shown that yoga can teach mindfulness, which can help you reject unhealthy foods, control overeating, and better understand your body’s hunger signals.


Without beating around the bush let’s list the remaining exercises that helps reduce weight, and they are:-


• Cycling

• Weight Training

• Pilates

• Interval Training (Etc.


In our next content we will be talking on Reasons Why People Loose Weight.


In Conclusion: Many things can make us loose weight, Exercise, Food we eat and so many more can cause lost of weight. Health Tips On Losing Weight.

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