Dj Yk Mule – Ellu P Obi Dance

The revered Nigerian music star, Dj Yk Mule, continues his dominance of the music climate with his latest single ‘Ellu P Obi Dance’.

For dedicated followers, the song is the ultimate indulgence in the eccentric sounds of urban African music. Its mesmerizing atavistic rhythm pattern ensures that your feet stay firmly planted on the dancefloor. With up tempo cadence and dream inducing chorus, any listener of this track would hope that it never ends.

A classic archetype of Afrobeat, Ellu P Obi Dance carries a unique cultural identity that encapsulates age-old traditional sounds with a modern outlook. With robust, captivating instrumentation that is enticingly layered over a mix of synth and rhythmic distorted guitars, this song sounds like a worthy addition to any discerning music lover’s playlist.

Fans of good music everywhere are encouraged to download and listen to Dj Yk Mule’s new single Ellu P Obi Dance as soon as it is available. It is sure to be a hit!