BBNaija 2020: See Family Pictures of Kidd Waya, Prince, Wathoni, Ozo, Ka3na, BBNaija Lockdown Housemates

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BBNaija Lockdown Housemates
Kidd Waya is one of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates who have rocked the house from corner to corner. He is not only popular because of his vibes, but also because of his family background, reputation and financial strength.

Here are some pictures of his father, Terry Waya and mother Susan Waya.

When Prince Ewerem was introduced as one of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates, his name “Prince” sounded like a nickname, but were were able to find out that he is indeed from a royal family.

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The red cap and hand beads he puts on on the show are testimonials that he will always be royalty no matter where he finds himself.

His father sure looks good!

Florence Wathoni Anyasi, told us about herself days after getting into the BBNaija house, and in her story she mentioned the she has a 5 year-old son. The boy is so adurable.

Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu, “Ozo” the ultimate fair guy in the BBNaija Lockdown house, he has come out as a calm yet active housemate. his family is filled with bunch of professionals.

Kate Jones, who wants to be referred to s the Boss Lady is a mother of one, though separated she will always talk about her husband. She loves her daughter so much and will not stop talking about what she went through to have her.

She is an important part of her life and more family to her than anyone else.

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