Apple announces iPhone 12 with 5G Speeds (See Details)

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Apple announced its new iPhone 12 on Tuesday with access to 5G wireless networks, providing a preview of a faster wireless internet.

Not only that, but the tech Company also ditch charging cables, which will no longer come automatically with iPhones as Apple moves toward wireless charging by default.

CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new generation of iPhones in a virtual event, saying that all new phones from the company would have 5G capability.

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“Every decade there’s a new generation of technology that provides a step change in what we can do with our iPhones,” Cook said. “This is a huge moment for all of us.”


The company said the iPhone 12 would start at $799, with a mini version available starting at $699.

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The iPhone 12 will come in black, white, blue, red, and green. Aside from the flat sides, it still largely resembles the iPhone 11. There’s still a notch at the top that houses Apple’s Face ID technology, though the bezels around the screen have been reduced — another perk of the OLED switch. Around back, the iPhone 12 has two cameras housed in a matte glass squircle, which makes for a nice contrast with the rest of the glossy back panel.

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Besides the new iPhones, Apple launched a new miniature version of its HomePod for managing electronics at home and playing music, starting at $99 and going on sale next month. That announcement came the same day that Amazon is pushing its rival Echo devices as part of its annual Prime Day event.

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