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After breaking up with his true love, best-selling author Hardin Scott travels to Portugal in an attempt to make amends for his past behavior.

After Everything Movie Storyline

Hardin goes to Lisbon to make Natalie forgive him for everything he did to her, when he comes face to face with Natalie, Natalie wants him gone. Hardin comes across Sebastian (Natalie’s friend) and hates Hardin and says to him “if it was up to me you would rot in jail” and later on Hardin ends up in jail because he keeps fighting Sebastian. Hardin is also heartbroken that Tessa wants to move on and not be with Hardin while Hardin wants to be with her, Tessa tells Hardin to move on.

After Everything Release Date, Is After Everything Out?

It has been confirmed that After Everything will drop in 2023 – but a specific date is yet to be announced. However, the past four movies have stuck to the same schedule of a February release date, so we can assume the next one will follow suit next year. After Everything will likely be released in 2023.

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