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Lite9ja.com.ng is an Household name to reckon on the internet when it comes to Music and Video Promotion. Over the years we have generated over 5000 thousands download promoting Nigeria music and video on the Internet.

Are you a music let’s promote ur artist work on our platform (website).BENEFITS OF PROMOTING YOUR MUSIC on lite9ja.com.ng
1. We promote ur Music/video on our Facebook page to over 5000 fans.2. We promote ur Music/video on our Twitter page to over 10,000 fans.
3. Your music get Features on our Website with over 1million page view daily.WHAT ELSE DID U WANT?
Get your music and video uploaded on lite9ja.com.ng today and enjoy all of the above mention benefits and more.NOTE:-Apart from the Traditional ways of Promoting your Music on our Website, We also Offer Music/Video Promotion Advertisement e.g1. Banner Placement of your Artiste Artwork with a Link to the Music Page
About Us
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