10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating On You

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Ways To Know if your girlfriend is cheating on you


How To Know Girlfriend Is Cheating

So Many People are finding it so difficult to know when their girlfriend is cheating on them, but what am about to expose to you all, you will be 90% sure your girlfriend is cheating on you.



Signs On Girlfriend Cheating


So today Litenaija Media shares you 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating, so without wasting much time let’s dive into what we have Today.

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10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating


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Below are list of 10 signs On Girlfriend Cheating and to know when your girlfriend is cheating on you, everything you see here has been confirmed 90% Accurate by Google.
Let’s Start The Class


1. She Ignores Your Calls Or Messages


Signs On Girlfriend Cheating



Off all cheating girlfriend signs, this one hurts the most!, When your girlfriend starts ignoring your calls or messages, that is a sign she is seeing someone else, at that time she begins to snobs all your messages without replying any.

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2. She Picks Up Fight With You Over Nothing – Signs On Girlfriend Cheating


Signs On Girlfriend Cheating


Although she might have real reasons for picking a fight, sometimes it feels she is doing it purposely because she finds you exasperating.


At this time she no longer finds you attractive and might start comparing you with her new lover but with she doesn’t say it directly but instead she says it in a metaphorical way. 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.

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If she fights with you seriously the you should know she is seeing someone else and you need to act up fast.

3. She Just Won’t Commit!



Most women or girl who really love you would drop hint or even directly ask you their plan with you in the future, but if your girl always dodge you whenever you bring about your future relationship then it is a signs she is cheating on you. With This 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.


4. She Is Always Busy




Most Girls who likes you will always find time to be with you despite their rough schedule, She might have a real reason for been busy but if you noticed she does things that are suppose to be seen less busy, then believe me she is cheating on you. With this 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.


5. She Becomes So Obsessed With Her Privacy | Signs On Girlfriend Cheating



When a girl seriously loves you she doesn’t see anything wrong in you seeing anything she does in private, but when she tends to keep things to her self then she is really not into you again, as a result of that she is cheating on you.


6. She Puts Her Phone On High Security


If your girlfriend is less likely to let you see her phone, if she always put her phone on silent or vibrate mood, or locks her gallery and social media then something fishy is really going on, at this point you need to know she is cheating on you. With This 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.


7. She Is Always Distracted With Her Phone


Definitely Everyone is distracted with their phones, but when she chooses to scroll through her social media or respond to text messages instead of talking to you, you will be convinced to question her motive. With this 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.


8. She Avoid Body Contact


This one really breaks lots of guys heart when she doesn’t allow you touch her body.


Your Girlfriend Might have a good reason for not allowing you to touch her but if she continually does it then you need to know she doesn’t likes you anymore, she is cheating on you.


9. She Stops Caring Or Quarreling With You


Girls sometimes can be so tiring when it comes to caring for their boyfriends, they tend to do stupid things whenever they see their lover, but when your girlfriend doesn’t care about how you look, doesn’t care when you don’t call her or she doesn’t Quarrel with you then she is Cheating with you. With This 10 Signs On Girlfriend Cheating.

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There is a popular saying that says “If You and your spouses or lover doesn’t Quarrel then she doesn’t like you”. If you think am lieing just try and follow another girl by mistake and if your lover doesn’t pick a Quarrel with you then you can agree with me she is cheating on you.

10. She Flirt With Other Guys In Your Presence


This one is really annoying and that’s why I made it the last point, it is so stupid but very serious, let me explain. When you see your girlfriend flirting with another guy in your presence, you might see it as sign of jealousy but she is trying to tell you it is over but some guys don’t get that.

In Conclusion: with this hope I was able to reveal the signs your girlfriend is cheating with you.

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